Dermaplaning is one of the most effective exfoliation treatments available for the face. Dermaplaning has been offered in the cosmetic industry for over 20 years now.  It is a quick and simple process to skim off the fine upper layers of dead skin leading to resurfaced and exfoliated skin. Dermaplaning is an ideal treatment to prepare thin skin for peels in patients who cannot tolerate Micro-Dermabrasion. Dermaplaning is non-traumatic and leaves the skin smooth, vibrant and supple.

In addition to removing cells, dermaplaning is also known for the removal of the baby-fine hair that naturally exists on the face. The removal of this hair achieves a number of benefits. Immediately after treatment, the skin looks smooth and supple, revealing a healthy glow. Due to the removal of fine hair and cells that protect the skin from external elements, dermaplaning improves the efficiency of skin care products and facilitates the achievement of skin care goals. Not to mention how easily your make-up goes on and will use much less of it.  Is dermaplaning the same thing as shaving? No. This very precise professional procedure is very different from personal grooming with a disposable razor. The difference in the skin is felt and seen right away and the degree of improvement is remarkable.

Dermaplaning is performed exclusively on the face, although we do not treat the eye lids or nose. Patients can come in as often as once a month and the process can remove about 2-3 weeks of accumulated dead skin cells. Coming in more often is not recommended because it can interfere with the skin’s normal renewal cycle and may cause peeling from over-exfoliation, because the body will not yet have created enough new skin.

Dermaplaning uses no chemicals and is perfect for those with sensitivity to chemical peels and products. The session can be over in as little as 20 minutes, and the process is gentle enough that most patients can go out for lunch or dinner afterwards without red skin or signs of irritation. The exfoliation benefits can lead to a reduction in wrinkles and often to a reduction in the appearance of scars and other imperfections.

Patients with all skin types can benefit from dermaplaning. However, Davis Aesthetics will often advise against treatments for those with acne scarring and overactive sebaceous glands.



Dermaplaning involves using a medical device to delicately remove dead skin cells from the epidermis without the use of harmful chemicals, and helps to remove the unwanted fine baby hairs from the face, resulting in smoother, brighter, glowing skin.

davis aesthETics signature dermafacial


Our most popular skincare treatment! The Davis Aesthetics' Signature DermaFacial is like no facial you've ever experienced!  This facial incorporates dermaplaning, award-winning SkinCeuticals® products to help calm, nourish, and protect the newly dermaplaned skin, and Neuromuscular/Acupressure Techniques to help you relax, unwind, and rejuvenate!

davis aesthETics GLAM GLOW


Release your inner goddess and show off that glowing skin with Davis Aesthetics’s Glam Glow! Combining our Davis Aesthetics Signature DermaFacial with the famous SkinCeuticals Red Carpet Peel, your skin will be refreshed, renewed, & revitalized as we remove all dry, dead skin (and those pesky baby hairs), making you look tired and dull, while the Red Carpet Peel works it’s magic to help brighten & refine your skin, revealing a healthy, youthful glow!